Why do so many businesses run by couples never give them the Lifestyle of their Dreams?

Breaking: Married to the Business is a Silver Medallist in the International Indie Business Book Awards & a
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As a couple in a family business together, are you and your partner working too many hours for too little money? Is your business stressing your personal relationship to breaking point? Does your business make your work/life balance with your personal partner all work and no play?

The Married to the Business book follows the trials, tribulations and triumphs of husband and wife, Luke and Anna Taylor, who together run a family building business. Their story is a fusion of real life experiences of many couples in business together with whom Dr Greg Chapman has worked, and how they overcame the difficulties they faced.

Accompany the Taylor’s on their journey as they learn how to turn the nightmare their business had become back into a one that could grow and give them the income they wanted without damaging their life together.

Married to the Business will show you:

  • Why so many businesses run by couples generate profitless turnover
  • How to find the time to run a business and have a life together
  • How disagreements between partners can be resolved without conflict
  • How to reorganise a business in a way that produces results

Discover how, by following the steps that Luke and Anna took to transform their business into one that could run without them, you too can have a business that delivers the lifestyle you seek with your partner, whether married, or just good friends.

I have received and read your book & LOVED it…
This book is a must read for any couple who live and work together. It explores the good, the bad, and the ugly and shows positive, achievable methods to work together and succeed in both your business and relationship. Sue Josephson – Abacus Screens


Married to the Business – the Back Story

Husband and wife businesses have a great advantage. They work with a degree of trust and loyalty other businesses can’t buy. But loyalty alone does not a business make. And spouses can become trapped by the lack of structure, planning and profit symptomatic of husband-wife businesses.

Dr Greg Chapman author of Married to the Business: Honey I love you but our business sucks says he recently received an email from a coaching client. The wife was announcing her resignation from the business. While she could see the potential of the business as well as the problems; her husband was caught up in operational matters and unable to view the big picture. Her attempts to talk about the need for more structure had come across as criticism. She had reached breaking point.

Dr Chapman says this issue is typical of husband-wife businesses. Married to the Business tells the story of Luke and Anna Taylor, fictitious owners of a construction company; an amalgam of the real life husbands and wives Dr Chapman has coached. He says Luke and Anna represent a common scenario; a tradesman who has launched out on his own, with his spouse managing the business.

Dr Chapman says too many husband-wife businesses have no training in business basics and fail to make enough to pay each other properly and cover domestic costs; let alone the business costs. “They’re running at a net loss and this puts pressure on their mortgage, family life and each other,” Dr Chapman says.

As Anna experiences in Married to the Business; the spouse who sees this most clearly starts to feel trapped by the lack of planning and profit. Chapman says sometimes this spouse will go back to full time work to escape the conflict and save the marriage. “This saddens me because the conflicts are surmountable. And they have usually achieved so much already and have so much potential.”

He says there are three kinds of husband and wife business:

  • Hubby is a tradesman/professional but the wife actually runs the business
  • Professional peer couple such as architects (who may have met at university); usually one is more business focused; the other more client focused
  • The ‘buy a business’ couple- non-professional peers who, for example, invest in a café or franchise

Dr Chapman says there is often the hands-on, client-focused spouse and the business-minded, big-picture spouse. “This combo can be a powerhouse at best, but causes conflict if both sides are not tended,” he says.

Married to the Business works through Anna and Luke’s problems by introducing regular planning and reporting; instantly removing much of the emotion and subjectivity. The book also introduces a business coach or adviser, who mediates issues and guides them through business basics. Dr Chapman, who lectures on business at University of Melbourne, says few business owners have any training in business planning; accounting or even basic book-keeping. “A business adviser or coach brings that training and an objective eye on the numbers,” he says.

The book’s appendix gives Action Steps correlating to Anna and Luke’s own work on the business. They cover work-family balance; business goals; family goals and even a Business Charter. Purchasers of Married to the Business receive a downloadable workbook with templates and worksheets for profit and loss; depreciation and key performance indicators.

Dr Greg Chapman continued to coach the couple who inspired Married to the Business. The wife withdrew her resignation and the good news is they are still in business – together.

You can actually feel the raw emotion in Greg’s latest book. But rather than just telling the story and leaving you to wonder what’s next, Greg actually walks you through the pain, processes and delivers realistic solutions. This is an empathetic approach to husband/wife businesses that has never been explained before in such a consummate, easy to apply and simple to follow manner. Greg is going to reduce the workload of a lot of marriage counsellors and put a smile on many small business people’s faces again. Jim Prigg Financial Services Sales Academy

The author of “Married to the Business” is the internationally renown Dr Greg Chapman, whose best selling first small business book, “The Five Pillars of Guaranteed Business Success” was a finalist in the International Indie Business Books Awards. He is also a small business advisor and professional speaker.

With this book you can access hundreds of dollars worth of resources, including spreadsheets, templates, worksheets plus other valuable materials that you can use to make the business you run together achieve the potential you know it has.

“Married to the Business” is an easy to read and easy to understand step-by-step guide presented as a Case Study that will enable couples in business together to realise their dreams.

I started browsing and became so engrossed; a couple of hours later I felt as though you knew me and my problems personally. The book is enlightening, informative and very easy to read. The style of the book is very clear and draws the honest reader in. The central characters are very engaging. They are anyone and everyone in business. I believe the true value to couples reading your book is how to keep the monster they have created growing and fed! Your book has given me the understanding and motivation to keep going towards our dream and get help before the business swallows everything we have worked for. Thank you. Every business should be given a copy of your book before they start up and it make mandatory that they re-read it periodically before reporting to their advisor.
Yvonne Rutherford – RD Foundations

Married to the Business is a compelling case study that will resonate with any business owners who are life partners. Dr Greg Chapman has put together a very practical dossier that is relevant for any family business, especially those starting out in an enterprise together, and perhaps lacking in business savvy. Very practical and relevant for any family business.
Geoff Haw – Sagacity Services

I found this book an interesting read that I could not put down. It’s made me realise how much more thought I need to put towards the business rather than accepting just what the business actually provides. The book is presented in a re-assuring way that enables me to understand what would be expected of me when we plan our future.

The case study causes me to reflect on our personal situation from a birds eye view. Taking a step back and realising that many of our personal issues are due to conflicting business and work ethics. This has encouraged me to dedicate much more thought and effort into how we plan to run the business while at the same time providing a personal and lifestyle opportunity that we will truly appreciate.
Berna Akay – Akay Architects

Anyone who knows about the emotions involved with running a business will also know that those real human traits are magnified by involvement of a life partner. This can be a wonderful experience, or not so. Dr Greg Chapman’s book will help get more wonder and less thunder for all involved. I congratulate Greg on another quality publication.
Peter Strong – Executive Director Council of Small Business Australia

“I think this should be a business bible. Any couple who find themselves in business together should go out and buy this book day one.”
Sally Chester-Law 4BC Brisbane Radio

“A great little book if you are looking at working and living and partnering together”
Richard Stubbs – ABC 774 Melbourne


Design a business with your partner today that provides you the lifestyle you both deserve.

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